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Automated Lead Capture, Qualification & Conversion

Instantly communicate and reply to your hottest prospects and potential customers in the palm of your hand.
Our proven follow up process places only the most highly qualified leads in your agent's inbox and alerts them to it. 
Improve initial follow up and start to see results from your marketing in just minutes.
New Lead:
Hi, I have a question. Can you help?
Sure!  I'd be happy to help get you the information you need. Are you a new or current customer?
New Lead:
I'm new and was looking to talk to someone about your product. 

Conversion Focused Dashboard

Automated Lead Capture

All Roads Lead To The Close

Manage Your Leads From Across All Platforms In One Dashboard

Our built in and third party API integrations enables your team to reach prospects and customers anytime, wherever you are, on the web and mobile. Capture and respond to them via a website widget, email, inbound SMS, landline SMS, Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, Voice, APIs and more, right from the palm of your hand.  
Helps Us Qualify And Sort Leads
"I can easily talk to customers across my social media, website, and business line from one location. When a new prospect reaches out, our automation campaigns help us qualify and sort the leads."
Mike F.  Real Estate Broker
LeadEngage Platforms
Qualified Leads

Quality Leads On Autopilot

The powerful contact management system allows you to tag, sort, assign, and filter leads based on their response or lack thereof. Easily assign an agent or follow up with your prospects automatically through your follow up sequences removing the hassle of following up directly with a lead until you know it's qualified.
Automagic follow up!
"These automated qualification campaigns are like automagic follow up. Instead of wasting hours per week identifying who is a real lead, the software helps sort and qualify them for me. So we only speak to real people ready for an estimate or in need of repair. "
Amanda L.  Home Renovation and Repair

Never Miss A Hot Lead Again!

The built in keyword filtering, automation, and agent assignment ensures that your leads are sent to the right person. Our alert and follow up settings ensure that your team responds in a timely manner, by the next agent, or the owner is notified ensuring a response.
Lead Alerts Are A Game Changer
"Before implementing this system, we lost dozens of deals per month due to poor follow up. The Agent assignments and automated lead alerts are a game changer for my team. If someone slips past the first person they are auto assigned to me or another team member.
Mark S.  Automotive Sales Manager 
Hot Leads

Why Choose LeadEngage?

Convert Website Visitors

Our eye catching widget encourages potential customers to reach out to you or a preassigned staff member and puts them in your sales funnel via SMS & Email

Track Sales Relationships

All communication with your leads are tracked and archived in the platform to help with compliance, training, and metrics tracking for your teams.

Direct Follow Up

Quickly re-engage dormant prospects to qualify and help finalize your deals in the palm of your hand through SMS, voice, email, and social media platforms.

Automated Lead Messaging And Conversion

With all of the amazing features built directly into the LeadEngage platform, you can rest assured that LeadEngage has the power to meet the needs of your business.
Two-Way Text Messaging
Bulk Texting
Agency Round Robin
Lead Routing
KPI Reporting
Mobile Access Link
Conversion Portal
International Numbers
Text From Landline
Auto Generated Messages
Widget Follow Ups
Campaign Placement
Exit Pop Monitoring
Lead Button Animations
Widget Alignment
SMS & Email Notifications
After Hours Response
Automation Templates
Widget Templates
Response Templates
Upload/Download Contacts
Contact Tagging
Segment/Filter Contacts
Assign/Transfer Conversations
Multiple User Access
Scheduled Messages
Send From Phone
Export Conversations

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